Take an object
Then take another object
Place them nearby

Add colour or remove it
Add transparency
Create tension

Observe, playfully
That's what I'm doing.
Stories by Sasha Sime
Personal show
OX Poblenou / Barcelona / 2019
Collective show
Galeria Carles Tache / Barcelona / 2018
Mark as read
Personal show
Mutuo gallery / Barcelona / 2017
Collective show
La Plataforma / Barcelona / 2015
Slide to unlock
Personal show / Barcelona
La Plataforma 8
Collective show / Barcelona
Collective show / Barcelona
Hello, Sailor
Personal show / Saint-Petersburg
Collective show / Barcelona
Hell Gallery
Collective show / Barcelona
Sasha Sime es un artista multidisciplinario, fotógrafo y diseñador ruso que ya hace años que se instaló en Barcelona y que, en nuestra ciudad, ha desarrollado unas creaciones que pretenden ser una exploración de la estructura visual y los componente emocionales del arte.
The human presence, its trace, is designated here as formally as possible using the most artificial methods inherent in the human hand — a symmetrical composition, a plastic protagonist, vainly trying to create at least some noticeable influence and the sound of his buzzing motor that interrupts the idyllic chirping of birds. The title of the work The adventure of the Dinosaur hints at the possible fate of both the device itself, created solely for the comfort of Homo Sapiens and its master.
The work of Sasha Sime (Russia, 1982) has been moving between reminiscent forms of
abstract expressionism and informalism, but at the same time it presents traces of the
visual culture on and off line of contemporary society. In his most recent projects, the
appropriation of everyday materials is a constant, and this is related to trends such as
pop, (not so) new realism or poor art.
Aquesta exposició mostra els projectes desenvolupats pels quatre artistes durant el programa multidisciplinari de residència artística Nectar, que ha tingut lloc del 18 de maig al 8 de juny de 2018: Netai Halup (Israel), Aki Hoshihara (Japó), Sasha Sime (Rússia) i Nanao Tsukuda (Japó). Els textos de cada artista són fruit de la col·laboració amb convidats especials i del seu visita a l'Open Studio en els estudis de Nectar.
Mis obras son interfaces emocionales, donde descompongo la superficie hasta la molécula y los rediseño bajo la influencia de motivación irracional y emocional: significados, metáforas e ironía.
This exhibition shows the projects developed by the four artists during Nectar multidisciplinary art residency program, held from May 18th to June 8th 2018. The artist's texts are the results of the collaboration with invited guests and from their visit to the Open Studio in Nectar studio spaces.

The residence program is based on an open call for project proposals, which allows resident artists to delve into their artistic and creative process in a rural environment and to connect their practice with the Barcelona art scene with the collaboration of On Mediation and the exhibition at Carles Taché Gallery.
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